We are a community of young adults who have purposed to live in the way of Jesus...

Very simply, we'd like to be close friends to one another, good neighbors to the community around us, and have an interactive relationship with God. It’s simple, right? ... Wrong. It's difficult to live intentionally, rather than impulsively. It's difficult to love others, instead of simply tolerating them. It's difficult to wake up everyday and believe that God is even remotely interested in us and that he actually has some sort of purpose for us being alive.

To this end, we need one another. This is The Church. We're a vulnerable group of remarkably imperfect people, who don't have it all together, and we don’t have all the answers, and more than anything we really need God, and we seek to walk in the way of Jesus, our Rabbi. Just imagine The Church celebrating what they have in common, instead of pointing out how they differ, being more interested in meeting the felt needs of people instead of judging them, more interested in late-night conversations instead of three-point sermons. Just imagine The Church engaging the surrounding culture instead of insulating itself from it, learning how to ask better questions instead of having all the answers, getting caught up in the Kingdom of God, rather than the empires of man. Imagine The Gospel of Jesus Christ wrecking your life, instead of making you feel comfortable.

Imagine The Church being a redeeming presence in this world, telling a redemptive story that can be experienced by all. There's plenty of room for imagining these things at The Shack. Come hang out with us. The Shack is non-denominational and meets every Sunday Night for simple worship and honest, conversational teaching.  See the "Worship" link for more info.


The Door Is Open, The Place Is Yours!

The Shack Apartment is the crossroads of our community, where we serve FREE COFFEE every weekday from        9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Open daily for students, we offer plenty of cafe tables and red couches made of space-age, top-quality polyester.  There's a prayer room downstairs and a library full of good books toward the back as well.

We're located at :

1612 Greene Street, between Pickens and Henderson Street.