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We always need your prayers! Prayer is the most important aspect of support around the Shack without it we really can’t accomplish anything. So please every time you think about us, drive by our building, see something that reminds you of this place or the university of South Carolina in general, we’d ask that you say a little prayer that God would continue to work in and through this place, our staff, and our students to bring heaven to earth here at USC and that we can be a blessing to everyone that we encounter for the beautiful purpose of the Kingdom.
It takes money in order to be able to do ministry and we are delighted that you would like to be a part of the Shack’s community. Every gift allows us to reach out and be Jesus to the world. Your funds will help us to better serve the homeless, provide assistance to those who are hurting, share the gospel message with more college students and to simply show the love of Christ in real, tangible ways.
In addition to donating online below with your debit card or credit card (please use responsibly! We want you to support us, but we don’t want you going into debt to do it!) you can also set up online payments (BillPay) with your bank or you can send us the check to our secure mail box.

You can send checks to:                            
The Shack Campus Ministry
P.O. Box 2143
West Columbia, SC. 29171
Or you can donate online through                    paypal and venmo at the links below: 

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These are just some of the lives that have been changed because of The Shack...

If you have questions about how you can support or how we spend the money please get in touch with us...
Tel.: (321) 427-2715
The Shack Campus Ministry
P.O. Box 2143 
West Columbia, SC. 29171
United States of America